This document, Assessment in the Primary School Curriculum: Guidelines for Schools, has been developed to support teachers’ knowledge and understanding of assessment, and to assist schools in developing and implementing an assessment policy. The guidelines provide examples of how teachers gather information about children’s progress and achievement, use this information to enrich teaching and learning, and report this information to all those concerned with children’s education.

The document contains four sections. Section 1 - Re-envisioning assessment, Section 2 - Classroom assessment methods, Section 3 - A closer look at AfL and AoL, and Section 4 - School policy on assessment.

Appendix A presents further information on classroom assessment methods to supplement Section 2 with photocopiable resources for some of these methods contained in Appendix B. Appendix C outlines legislative requirements that affect schools in relation to assessment policy. Appendix D summarises the roles of various organisations in supporting children’s learning.